Patient Testimonials

Many years ago I had experienced many very painful trips to the dentist. I had decided to not put myself thru this again. Seven years later I heard a radio ad that got my attention, I made the call. Since that call I have went through considerable amount of dental work only to be treated far better that I could have ever expected by the entire staff. And the procedure went well- didn't even know that there was anything done to me. After seven years, back to work the next morning with no pain at all. Dr. Hanna, you and your team are the BEST. I can't say enough about how great it is to find someone who really understands and has a passion for what they do. - C. H.

In the past, a trip to the dentist was a painful, anxiety ridden experience. For the last 4 years I have avoided getting any dental care (happily) as even the thought of the drill and needles sent shivers down my spine. Earlier this year, a friend referred me to Dr. Hanna and I knew from my first visit that I could finally relax enough to address my fear. Dr. Hanna and her team of amazing women have made me a believer-there is such a thing as gentle dentistry! - S. K.

Everyone was very nice, making my visits comfortable. They seem to care about how the patient is affected by the dramatic change with dentures. - R. S.

I was very pleased with the service I got. Everyone was very nice and caring, I will be returning to Dr. Hanna's team for future visits. I thank Dr. Hanna and her team for their great service and dedication to my dental needs. - G. B.

Every team member was friendly, remembered me and genuinely cared about me and making my dental experience, dare I say, enjoyable-fun even?! Dr. Hanna is very detailed in explaining what needs to be fixed and how she is going to fix it. Dr. Hanna is extremely likeable, easy to talk with, and has a great sense of humor. I felt relaxed and comfortable during my sedation procedure. I would recommend Dr. Hanna and her team to anyone! Thank you Dr. Hanna and thank you to Cy, Kim, Jeri, and Dori for always smiling and being friendly! Keep up the great work! Everyone should try sedation dentistry by Dr. Hanna! - B. S.

The staff are always helpful. They go about their work in a positive and cheerful manner which is critical when dealing with sensitive patients like me. - D. T.

Kind, loving and supportive staff. I was not given any "you should have known better" looks, nor was I criticized in any way. I was, and am, treated in a kind and compassionate way every time I come in. It's almost like family here. - K. S.