Brushing and Flossing

While visiting our general dentistry practice in Kalamazoo twice a year for routine exams is key to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful, oral hygiene also plays a major role in helping you avoid common problems with the teeth and gums like tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

We’ve put together the following information to help make sure you’re doing a good job with that toothbrush and floss of yours. By practicing good oral hygiene every day, you can keep your mouth clean, attractive and healthy while avoiding costly dental treatments.


brushWe recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small strip of fluoridated toothpaste. When you brush your teeth, gently move the brush in small, circular motions to dislodge small bits of food that may be trapped under your gums. While holding the toothbrush at an angle, brush slowly and carefully to ensure you clean all the surfaces of your teeth, the areas between your teeth, and along the gum line. You should spend two minutes brushing after every meal and before bedtime and remember to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth before rinsing your mouth out with water.


flossFlossing your teeth well is easy once you get the right technique down. To floss correctly, remove about twelve to fifteen inches of floss from the dispenser and wrap the ends around your middle fingers. Then gently and carefully guide the floss between all your teeth, while pulling it down to the gum line so you’re sure to remove tiny particles of food and plaque. As you continue flossing, unwrap clean floss from around your fingers as you go so you’ve used all the floss when you finish up. And be sure to floss behind your back teeth where plaque collects.

It’s best to floss at night before bedtime so your teeth are clean overnight. Don’t be alarmed if you see a bit of blood when first starting to floss as this is normal. However, if the bleeding doesn’t stop after the first few times, let us know at your next appointment.

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When you do an excellent job of brushing and flossing every day, you’ll enjoy all kinds of benefits ranging from great self-confidence to cavity-free checkup appointments with your family dentist! If you have any questions about oral hygiene or need some more tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, please get in touch with us so we can help! Dr. Hanna and her friendly team are always happy to answer any questions you may have!